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Rowcroft Hospice serves the people of South Devon by providing specialist care to patients with progressive, life limiting illnesses.

We’re not just about beds and cancer and last days; we’re about living life, family, friends, community, reconciliations, coping and not coping. We support and enable people to carry on when, perhaps, at the time carrying on seems unthinkable.

We are passionate about ‘taking care further’.

Events are organised throughout the year, not only by Rowcroft itself, but also by the Friends of Rowcroft and our many hard working supporters within the local creative and cultural community. We have strong relationships with many local artists, musicians and orchestras and work together to organise fundraising events. We rely heavily on the support from this community and are hugely grateful for their continuous commitment to Rowcroft.

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Images of South Devon will help raise vital funds for hospice / Thu 15 Oct 2009

For the third consecutive year, Rowcroft and the renowned Shoal of Brixham Artists have joined together to create another beautiful calendar to raise vital funds for the hospice. Hannah Simmons, Community Fundraising Ma...

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The Colour Rush / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2013-09-07T00:00:00Z">Sat 07 Sep 2013</span>The Colour Rush / Sat 07 Sep 2013

The Colour Rush is a 5K run, but the emphasis is firmly placed on fun. We don’t care how athletic you are, how old you are and there’s no prize for crossing the finishing line first. The Colour Rush is about getting cake...