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Pinhole Pedallers Sponsume Pitch

The Pinhole Pedallers will be touring the South West to give new views of the landscape through the mesmerising projections of a pinhole camera big enough to climb inside. Travelling solely by bicycle we will reach rugged coastlines, deserted moorlands and bustling cities to celebrate our land and look at it in a new way.

Having designed the camera and we are now in the early stages of building it and organising our hosts along the way. We have taken the project as far as possible but the need for funding is very real and so would be fantastic to have support to really make this happen. With your support we can build the camera - (and a trailer big enough to take it!) and cover the costs of staging the exciting exhibition.

Our tour is will go from Lands End to Lacock Abbey (the birthplace of British Photography) and we are truly passionate to get as many different communities and projects involved along the way. The feedback recieved so far has been really fantastic and there are already confirmed visits at The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, The Fox Talbot Museum, Mount Pleasant Ecological Park & Sharpham Outdoors with many more in talks at the moment.

Please, take a look at our rewards and help get our wheels rolling, get this show on the road, let us hit the road, or whichever other cliché you prefer!

View our website follow us on Twitter (@PinholePedaller) and find us on Facebook.

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