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Whitleigh Arts

Whitleigh Arts

Whitleigh Arts

A group for Whitleigh and other local Plymouth, UK Artist's. This group has been set up as a sub group of The Whitleigh Big Local.

One day soon we hope to have our own Community Arts Centre/Hub or find a venue to meet and create with like minded people of all ages.
If we can get enough local support for this group there could be a good chance of us receiving the help and backing we need from Plymouth City Council and other organisations to help us find and set up our very own arts venue.
Please share this group with your Whitleigh friends and relatives. Lets make something good happen in Whitleigh!

It is fantastic that we residents in Whitleigh have one million pounds to spend on things that will help improve our area and our lifestyles but we also have to think about ways of making this money work. Each project needs to make some money in order to help with the running costs. So, I am looking for people and local organisations who would like to run art courses. We will, once we have a venue, need donations of art supplies and equipment.

You can find out more about this project on our Facebook page at or on our website at

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