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Sarah Core Arts / News / Fri 20 Mar 2020

CLAY PARCELS: Make work for idle hands!

CLAY PARCELS:  Make work for idle hands!

Children off school and people self isolating so, if any of you are interested in receiving clay parcels or remote workshops please message me or email There are project sheets for easy home clay activities and I hope some remote group making workshops so there are lots of ways we can get clay to you;

1kg parcel of air dry clay £6 plus postage. 
2kg for £11 plus postage (larger parcels makes this expensive and difficult to dispatch whilst observing government guidance). 

My daily exercise can be the walk to the post box and back, so this can be delivered safely observing social distancing as it’s a quiet road.

The focus is on keeping costs as manageable as possible but giving a really authentic clay experience, so I am offering air dry clay with worksheets and video demos (and online tutorials for groups if this is wanted).  This air dry clay is better than your usual air dry clay as it is standard potters clay with nylon fibres included, so gives a really robust finish when it is dry.  It can be fired if you want it to be but can be painted and decorated with standard poster/acrylic paints too.

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