Sarah Michelle Jones Designer Maker

I am a second year student currently studying for my FdA Integrated Crafts at South Devon College. I will top up my degree to BA(Hons) 3D Designer Maker at the University of Plymouth for my third year. I work with many different types of material but have a love of metals and ceramics. I am currently honing my skills as a mould maker and enjoy using this knowledge to produce pieces of work that are unique and individual. I like simple forms that can be transformed depending on the glaze or decoration used to finish each piece. I am entering the creative industry as a designer maker as I am not then limited to one area or material of choice, thus expanding my skills further. I hope one day to become a full time Designer Maker either with my own workshop or working with a company / group.

All images courtesy of Andy Payne, South Devon College....with much gratitude

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