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Scare the Horses / Events / Thu 19 Sep 2019

Vote Leaves - an interactive stand-up quiz with Louise Ashcroft

Vote Leaves - an interactive stand-up quiz with Louise Ashcroft

Having prematurely given away her best punchline in the title of this event, Louise Ashcroft doesn’t have long to panic-write a new interactive stand-up routine about climate change before the apocalypse reaches its crescendo. Help Louise save the world through games, prizes and quiz questions, interspersed with her optimistically nihilistic musings on big capitalism as she launches her new political movement ‘hypocracy’ – a version of democracy in which everyone constantly contradicts themselves.

All of the above is a metaphor, it’s your job to interpret it – see you at 7pm on 19th September. Bring your friends, if you want them to live.

“Entertaining and wise, Louise Ashcroft uses subversive humour and inventive analysis to playfully disrupt systems of power, making alternative realities imaginable.” Elly Thomas artist and author of ‘Play and the Artist’s Creative Process’.

“Louise Ashcroft reading Argos Catalogue beat poetry. Genius.” Audience comment on Louise’s ‘Boring Talk #6’ available on BBC iplayer.

About Louise: Louise Ashcroft is an artist who works at the intersection of comedy and sculpture. In 2010 she co-founded the free art school altMFA (on anarchist principles), and in 2019 she teaches art at expensive universities (to illustrate how capitalism co-opts alternatives). Louise has recently shown work at Supernormal Festival, Art Night London, BQ Berlin, Museum of London, Artsadmin, and Wellcome Collection. Her BBC Boring Talks on The Argos Catalogue and Call Centres are available on iPlayer.

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