Welcome to Sea Fest 2009
"Celebrate the heritage of the sea!"
Sea Fest is the first event of its kind and celebrates the extraordinary marine heritage of Torbay. As a coastal community bordering 22 miles of diverse coastline Torbay has an inextricable link to the sea. Sea Fest aims to celebrate this deep-rooted bond and will be hosting 4 events that will explore different aspects of this marine heritage.
From the first weekend in September there will be an explosion of music, colour, fantastic sea food, laughter and free events that will engulf the bay in an aura of excitement.
There will also be a free bus service provided by English Riviera Sightseeing Tours, that will be running around the bay taking people to each of the four locations and delivering talks about the history of Torbay.

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Sea Future / Sat 26 to Sun 27 Sep 2009 (2 days)

Goodrington Sand, Paignton 26th and 27th September The future is built on the actions of the present. We will be running workshops and events to learn how to be more sustainable in our daily lives and learning about the ...

Sea Roots / Sat 19 to Sun 20 Sep 2009 (2 days)

Living Coasts, Torquay, 19th and 20th September Art has always had a huge impact on Torbay’s development. As Antony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles is just ending at Torre Abbey and moving on its way to London, we ...

Sea Food / Sat 12 to Sun 13 Sep 2009 (2 days)

Brixham, 12th and 13th September Torbay has a long standing relationship with quality cuisine, this event will explore how food, fishing and natural resources have played a part in shaping our history. Come along and joi...