Shane Peterson The Outsider Art

Composer and visual artist, based in Brixham.

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Sound and Music as a Weapon of War and Form of Torture / Tue 22 to Wed 23 May 2012 (2 days)

Inspired by Jim Channon's First Earth Battalion the United States military has for some time been using sound and music as a non-lethal form of torture and weapon of war. I'm a 2nd year Creative Digital Media student ...

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Darkwave industrial rock.

Planxty IrwinPlanxty Irwin

My arrangement of Turlough O'Carolan's timeless classic.

For the homelessFor the homeless

This greedy capitalist society ran by the sickest human beings imaginable leaves the weak to rot on the pavement, my tribute to them.

My Audio

Another Day

Vangelis inspired track.

Be there

Dramatic rock.


Stalinist rock.