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Give...A Few Words CIC / News / Tue 03 Aug 2021

Summer ONE Challenge

Summer ONE Challenge

It’s Summer holiday time with long, leisurely, lazy days ahead. Exciting times, but whether you are out and about, or having quiet days in, we really need your help!

We are busy spreading positivity across Kirklees and are looking for lots and lots of uplifting post (either personalised or generally) that we can send to others who need a little bit of cheer at this time!
It could be words and a letter if that’s your thing or possibly a painting, drawing or some arts and crafts (if they can fit in an envelope). A postcard from somewhere you have been to or a photograph.

Writing is a great activity to do either alone or with others. Quiet or with your favourite playlist. If you have never put pen to paper to write a letter, give it a try or if a keyboard to computer is your thing, type away.

Give…A Few Words works with care homes, charities, voluntary groups and with people out in the community. Every single letter we receive makes a huge difference to someone else! Everyone who receives a letter has the chance to write to someone else (if they wish to).

If you can help us spread cheer this Summer, please sign up here Write a letter – Give… ( and pop “Summer ONE challenge” in the box, and we will send you all the details.

Many thanks and have a great Summer of 2021!

From All the team at Give...A Few Words

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