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Sophie Atherton / News / Thu 25 Aug 2011

Women don't need a beer of their own!

Women don't need a beer of their own!

I wrote a piece for in July about a new beer aimed at women. I still haven't managed to taste said beverage, but I disliked the idea anyway! If you are a woman who's never tried beer change your life by tasting some. Much of it is lower in calories than you might think, not all of it tastes bitter and you can support the local economy, keep your food miles down and be confident that you are drinking something NATURAL and chemical free all at the same time.

Some of my fave Westcountry beers include O'Hanlon's Yellowhammer (a golden, summery beer with a sweetish flavour); Otter Bright (a refreshing golden summer ale), St Austell's Tribute (a good all-rounder but also light and fairly sweer) and Sharp's Doom Bar (more of a traditional ale, chestnut in colour with gently caramel and hop flavour).

Women of Devon! Try some beer today... and let me know what you think of it.

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