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Suzanne Rider, / News / Wed 14 Sep 2022

Arts, Culture and the Brain 2022.

Arts, Culture and the Brain 2022.

Arts, Culture and the Brain 2022. A new report from the Arts Council:

“Helping people live healthier, happier lives is part of our Let’s Create vision.

Today, research by UCL links creativity and culture with health benefits including improved mental health, life satisfaction, resilience and motivation. It also finds evidence that creative and cultural activities can strengthen relationships between parents and their children, and people in highly deprived areas can benefit most from taking part in creative activities.

Read the report:

We know that creativity and culture have a key role to play in improving all aspects of wellbeing, from contributing to healthy lives and social connections, to being part of treatment and recovery needs, and even helping those in acute care settings.

Take a look at our plan to transform health through creativity and culture: Creative Health & Wellbeing | Arts Council England”

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