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Shoebox Theatre - Space for Hire

We have a simple fee structure*, with a minimum booking period of 4 hours:

Evening / Afternoon/ Morning rate (4 hours): £25
1 Full Day (9am – 11pm): £45
1 Week: £200

The Shoebox is currently available to hire for the following activities:

Performances and Exhibitions

We support contemporary art and theatre, new work and adaptations in any genre, amateur and professional.
We do not hire to those wishing to promote hatred or discrimination or any kind.

Workshops/ Arts Education Activity

We will support a broad range of arts education.
Costs to take part must not exceed standard market rates.

Private Hire

To discuss hire for corporate events or private parties please contact us.
We will consider hire for charity fundraising and arts events.

Please contact us if us if you would like to hire the space via post@wrongshoes.co.uk.

All bookings are subject to availability and are managed by Wrong Shoes Theatre company. Wrong Shoes reserve the right to refuse bookings if we do not feel that they meet our charitable objectives, support the venue's programming, or put the charity/venue at risk.

*Our fee structure will be subject to change following the completion of development work

For more information visit http://www.shoeboxtheatre.org.uk/

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