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Artist Down Under art exhibition

Artist Down Under art exhibition

Janette Jagger was born in Broken Hill, a mining town in the Australian desert, and the hot desert colours left a lasting impression in her. She has returned several times and travelled all over the continent from the tropical rain forests and the vast wilderness of the Red Centre to the green and lush scenes of Tasmania. No other place on earth is like it and she feels she could spend a lifetime painting it.

Much of Australia is a sparsely populated wilderness and travel is exciting. When the winter arrives in the south of Australia many retired people get out their caravans or camper vans and head north into the tropics. They are known as grey nomads.

Janette now lives in the South Hams in Devon, which she says couldn't be more different from the Australian desert, and she loves painting the summer beach scenes. Bantham Beach is a favourite spot. She is a member of the Association of British Naive Artists [ABNA] and her beach scenes with holidaymakers having a wonderful time will of course be included in this exhibition.

Janette travels far and wide and her paintings include scenes of Uganda and Brazil.

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Harbour House Centre for Arts and Yoga

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