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Temporary Contemporary / News / Tue 13 Oct 2020

Temporary Contemporary survey

Temporary Contemporary survey

What is Temporary Contemporary?

Temporary Contemporary is about creativity and culture, it is about recognising that creativity is ever changing and evolving. Temporary Contemporary recognises that space is a fundamental factor in cultural production, connection and community.

We understand that temporary access to space can help turn an idea into a reality, it can provide the test bed for innovation and that much needed freedom to develop, grow and experiment. Having temporary access to space also helps to provide opportunity for conversations with existing and new audiences, customers and users.

Call it ‘meanwhile’, ‘transitionary’ or ‘pop up’, here, in Huddersfield we call it Temporary Contemporary, and as partners and organisations who currently have space that is accessed, used and programmed by our creative community, we are proud to collaborate with artists and creative organisations.

Please fill out the survey below to help us to gather responses from you about the initiative.

Temporary Contemporary is an initiative between Kirklees Council and the University of Huddersfield working with artists and creative organisation in Huddersfield.

For more information visit https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/D2KX3MQ

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