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Tawai - a Voice from the Forest (U)

Tawai - a Voice from the Forest (U)

Directors: Bruce Parry, Mark Ellam (co-director)

Writers: Véronique Cabois, Tamara Colchester (story editor)

Stars: Bruce Parry, Ingrid Lewis, Jerome Lewis

Explorer Bruce Parry travels the world, living with indigenous peoples, delving deeper then ever on a journey into the heart of our collective human conscience.

Tawai is the word the nomadic hunter-gatherers of Borneo use to describe their inner feeling of connection to nature. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, explorer Bruce Parry travels the world to learn from peoples living lives very differently to our own.

From the jungles of Malaysia to the the tributaries of the Amazon, TAWAI is the result of a four-year exploration to find a deeper understanding of indigenous peoples and how their way of life can benefit those in the industrialised world - providing a powerful voice that must be heard before it is completely lost.

Tickets: Adult £6.50, U16 £5.50, Family Ticket £20

(2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children)

Accessible seating available by calling the box office

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