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The Craft Works Torbay / Events / Sat 22 to Sun 23 Aug 2015 (2 days)

Flock Stock and Two Smokin' Shepherds

Flock Stock and Two Smokin' Shepherds

Flock, Stock and Two Smoking' Shepherds is the wool fair for the 21st Century.

It's brought to you by a collaboration of wool lovers at The Craft Works, Dartmoor Tweed, The Spinning Shed and Moral Fibre all Devon enterprises working with local Devon reared wool.

Flock Stock is a place to get excited about sheep and explore farming, wool, fibre, the products it makes, the art it creates and the people who work with it. It's a space to learn and enjoy through workshops and masterclasses with something for the whole family. There is a meeting of the Morris, ancient shepherds initiation rights, sheep shearing and wool handling demo's, traditional sheep dog trials and some with a twist, an ever morphing yarn bombed adventure trail, the launch of Dartmoor Tweed, a textile art exhibition, our own devon people : extraordinary lives photography expo and lots of sheep

We also wanted to recreate the Wool Fairs of old, joyous occasions where communities came together to tell their tales and share their lives with music, food and wacky entertainment.

So Flock Stock has all of these things, is totally family friendly and set in the middle of the gorgeous Devonshire Countryside at the Great Fulford Manor.

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Great Fulford House

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