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Yarn Bomb Torbay - Summer 2015

Yarn Bomb Torbay - Summer 2015

At the Craft Works we love wool, whether its raw and fresh from the sheep or spun into yarn and waiting for its next incarnation. This also means we LOVE knitting!

We thought it would be a great idea to do a new take on our Knit and Knatterers sessions and add in some yarn bombing. Its a great way for newbies to knitting to be part of something bright and colourful and for knitters with more experience to show off their prowess. The sessions are fun and friendly and supported by lots of tea and cake. We do every kind of knitting from 'normal' to extreme (using big needles, broom sticks and drain pipes) to arm knitting (no needles - just body parts) to using different things as yarn like recycled t shirts, recycled jeans, old video tape and bailing twine (great for hammocks).

Yarn Bombing is all about brightening up the world by covering it in woolliness. So park benches, trees, whole forests, beaches, buildings, bicycles, beach huts, cars, even the dog can all be brought to life as a living exhibition of knitting, or crochet, weaving or felting. So we thought we'd get as many of you as wanted to be involved to help us to knit an ever evolving Bay wide trail of yarn bombing whilst you learn some new knitting skills.

Our Knit and Knatterers sessions take place on Thursdays at 10am or at 1pm. We have loads of needles in different sizes and with our own flock of sheep lots of lovely local wool to go round, although donations of wool will be gratefully received - the more the merrier.

Look forward to seeing you xx

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