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Notwestminster: Democracy Maker Day 2018

Notwestminster: Democracy Maker Day 2018

What is it?
We’re holding a Democracy Maker Day where anyone who is already doing (or who wants to do) something practical to improve our local democracy can work together with others in our network.

The Maker Day is jointly hosted by Democracy Club and the Notwestminster network.

Democracy Club and the Notwestminster network

Who is it for?
Anyone is welcome to join in:

Digital makers

Local government officers

Councillors and candidates

Community activists


Open data advocates

Researchers and students

Voters of today and tomorrow

If you're interested in taking part, please register now.

What we'll be working on

We’ll be exploring decision-making in councils and working out what we can do to make the decisions that affect us easier to understand, and easier for everyone to have a voice in.

If you know something about how decisions are made in councils, or if you’re a community activist who has tried to influence decisions where you live, or if you’re a digital maker who is interested in hearing from more of the “users” of local democracy, this event is for you.

Our main challenge for the day is: What can we do to help people find out about the decisions that are made by councils, and to understand how those decisions are made?

Alongside our activities about decision-making, we will also be encouraging people to get involved in some of our Democracy Club activities, including a one-hour challenge to write a guide to hustings, and other practical things you can do to help improve voting and elections.

Get involved

Please come along to get more involved in the practical work of strengthening our local democracy.

If you have ideas for other things you’d like to work on during the day, we’d love to hear those too. You can email us at, tweet using #notwestminster or Join us on Slack

For more information visit

Event Location

The Media Centre

7 Northumberland Street

Telephone: 01484 483 000

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