The Million Pixel Art Project The Million Pixel Art Project

The Million Pixel Art Project is the first ever Online Community Art Project of it's kind, bringing users together from all around the world to help create the first ever pixel generated piece of art.

Simple to use, free to join and the chance to be a part of something new and exciting!

The money made from the first 300 blocks purchased will be going to Link Community Development and the next 300 to MacMillan Cancer Research!

There are 40000, 5x5 blocks to choose from. Once you've chosen and paid for you block you choose your colour, thus, expanding on the ever growing artwork and at the same time helping out others who are less fortunate by letting us donate that money to LCD/MacMillan.

It doesn't stop there though, you can buy as many blocks as you please! Just remember, if you want it to be worth while, tell as many people as you can about the project. The more people involved and participating the closer we are to finishing this amazing community project and the more people we can help in the world!

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