The Weaver Twins The Weaver Twins

well we've sifted through a few ghosts - junked a few old things, y'know?
five heavy doses of barbara's electrical black elixir, langoustine noodlings with lashings of iffy ketchup
brixham bash outs and live beets twitching, bitching and festering in the grayscale shale
clubbed idiots being shot to beautiful pastrami ribbons with teeth fir'd OUTOFAGUN(tm)
scarred, numb, idiot, torquay?
bolsha, bolsha, bolsha, bolsha
rusk, jug, capers, goatz
that sort of thing, y' know?
dad with his vinegar and mum with her spoon
and caitlin with the cattle prod poised at my leaky little skull
peeps like this?
backbone of england i'd say..
blah, blah, blah, blah
artsbase, artsbase, artsbase, artsbase
thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks
today my girlfriend removed ten sheep or deer ticks from my groin and posterior area
i went off the beaten track with the wee whippersnapper in the yarner valley
walking through waist height grass with shorts and flipflops on, the weather had been wet
there were actually two feasting on the old chap and a further two lodged in my scrotum (try getting as close to the skin with the tweezers as you can - be careful not to snag a pube)
they all got removed but one got left in
have to wait now
see if i get lyme's disease

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F A Y R E the first record by theWeaverTwins - OUT NOW / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2009-06-16T00:00:00Z">Tue 16 Jun 2009</span>F A Y R E the first record by theWeaverTwins - OUT NOW / Tue 16 Jun 2009

Lyrical, psychedelic pop by Stoke Gabriel's lost sons; cooked-up in a mysterious barn - mental, handmade fayre with all Wyres and Magick intact. Available from CD baby as a digital download -

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Fayre, a ten-track LP by The Weaver Twins of Stoke Gabriel available on Spotify - Monday 25th May available on - Friday 29th May (c) Cow Records 2009

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