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We have a wide range of studios available for hire for your work. For technical specifications for each studio click on the links below. Rates shown are for a day, which is made up of 3 x four hour sessions: 9am – 1pm; 1:30pm – 5:30pm; 6pm – 10pm. If you need to hire a space for shorter or longer sessions please contact us to discuss this.

(Subsidised rehearsal space is available for community projects.) Artists may also be eligible for standby space where this is available. Contact us for further information.

Studio 1
Dimensions: 14m x 14.5m | £360/day (£120/session)
A large studio space suitable for rehearsal and performance. Glazed windows along one wall. Blackout drapes. Black floor. Raked seating. Piano.

Studio 2
Dimensions: 9m x 9m | £240/day (£80/session)
A black box studio suitable for rehearsal and performance.

Studio 3
Dimensions: 12.8m x 11.8m | £360/day (£120/session)
Acoustically rich, high quality music rehearsal / performance space. 360º balcony, lighting rig. Sound recording available. Piano.

Studio 4
Dimensions: 9m x 6m | £150/day (£50/session)
A carpeted space suitable for readings, meetings, light rehearsals.

Studio 5
Dimensions: 7m x 4m | £90/day (£30/session)
Meeting Room. Ideal for board room style meetings or as a production office linked to Studio 6.

Studio 6
Dimensions: 14.8m x 18.8m | £360/day (£120/session)
For dance/music / theatre rehearsals/workshops. Sprung floor. Piano. Ballet barres. Exterior balcony.

Studio 20
Dimensions: 9m x 11.5m | £240/day (£80/session)
Suitable for rehearsals, installations, workshops. Access to water – can be used as a making space.

Dimensions: 11.8m x 5m | £150/day (£50/session)
Suitable for exhibitions, installations, workshops, rehearsals.

Studio 30
Dimensions: 15m x 11m | £240/day (£80/session)
Hexagonal space with raked bench seating at three sides. Suitable for rehearsals, small showings, discussions. Good natural light and blackout drapes. Piano.

Studio 31
Dimensions: 12m x 20m | £360/day (£120/session)
A large studio space for rehearsals and performances. Limited natural light. Wooden floor, Raked seating and full lighting rig / sound system. Good get-in.

Studio 32
Dimensions: 9.6m x 10m | £150/day (£50/session)
Medium sized studio for rehearsals and workshops. Wooden floor.

Studio 33
Dimensions: 10.6m x 12m | £180/day (£60/session)
Medium sized studio for rehearsals and workshops. Wooden floor.

Call 01803 847147 to book
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