The Seed

The Seed / Events / Fri 01 Jun to Sun 22 Jul 2012 (2 months)

The online mystery and real-world treasure hunt has begun!

The online mystery and real-world treasure hunt has begun!

Lost for a hundred years a precious seed lies undiscovered...

Part immersive theatre and part online mystery, The Seed is a real-world treasure hunt of the grandest proportions.

Inspired by true stories of the intrepid Victorian plant hunters, The Seed asks a new breed of hunter to follow clues and claim the lost treasure. Help our heroine in her quest online as she struggles to find the seed and prevent her world from falling apart.

The Online Story has begun!

The online story will unfold piece by piece, until the real life treasure is found! To join the hunt, help our heroine in her search and to make sure you can watch the whole story unfold, please click the link below to join our heroine in her hunt on Facebook...

If the online mystery has you brimming with intreague, why not come and see one or all of the four different theatrical performances in the Great Gardens of Sussex. Each one contains different clues, characters and encounters. The fourth and final play is a pageant steeped in folklore - a night time adventure in spectacular surroundings. This event cuts to the heart of the mystery and is only for the bravest and most spirited of explorers! (For full event details visit

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