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I've been taking pictures for over thirty years in many countries and with a wide range of equipment. I lived in Holland for twenty years from where I travelled around Western Europe and much of South east Asia taking pictures for Restaurant Hotel and travel brochures as well as shooting travel stock. I stopped traveling so much when I had kids and they started missing me. I moved back to Britain with my family in 1999 and now do a variety of PR, event, commercial and social photography, training for individuals in the use of photographic equipment and related software and work as technical adviser in one of the UKs' leading professional photographic dealerships. I have loved making photographic images from the time I first used my mums' Box Brownie. My main passion has always been trying to capture something of a personality or something about the human condition however after nearly 35 years of professional picture taking I like to think that I can tackle pretty much anything with passion and skill. Please contact me to discuss your Wedding, Event, Product or other photographic requirements.

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