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Tom Leins / News / Tue 18 Dec 2018

Spine Farm - A Paignton Noir Mystery

Spine Farm - A Paignton Noir Mystery

Christmas has come early for fans of Paignton Noir – my new e-book SPINE FARM is out now via Amazon!

Still coming to terms with the traumatic events depicted in SNUFF RACKET, Paignton private investigator Joe Rey finds himself enlisted by hapless local cops Benson and Hedges to assist with a sting operation. Rey gets more than he bargained for, however, when he pursues a vicious sex criminal known as the Ladyscraper into a derelict tract of farmland. What he discovers shocks the whole town to its core, and Rey commits himself to unravelling a decades-old mystery involving a cabal of powerful men who want their queasy secrets to remain dead and buried. Welcome to the SPINE FARM.

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