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From book groups to family history workshops, from toddlers’ music, rhythm and rhyme sessions to author events, film clubs and computer tasters, we think Torbay Libraries have something for everyone.

It’s easy and it’s free and you can join at any age Even if you don’t want to borrow books it’s a good idea to join so that you can make full use of the other services we offer, like free interent access. Just visit any Torbay library and we’ll give you a library card as either a Full or Welcome member. Full Members can borrow more items and so we ask to see some proof of address (like a current driving licence) before you join.

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Torquay Library Family History Group / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2018-01-03T00:00:00Z">Wed 03 Jan</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2018-12-05T00:00:00Z">Wed 05 Dec 2018</span> <span>(11 months)</span>Torquay Library Family History Group / Wed 03 Jan to Wed 05 Dec 2018 (11 months)

Thanks partly to the popularity of televisions programmes such as Who do you think you are? interest in family history - or genealogy - has never been higher. But researching your family tree is not always a straightfor...

Torquay Library Local History Group / <span >Sat 18 Mar 2017</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2018-07-21T00:00:00Z">Sat 21 Jul 2018</span> <span>(1 year)</span>Torquay Library Local History Group / Sat 18 Mar 2017 to Sat 21 Jul 2018 (1 year)

Torquay Library’s local history have undertaken a number of interesting projects in the past year, including researching Chapel Hill in Torre. Examination of the myths and legends surrounding the enigmatic ruins and the ...

Torbay Tech Jam / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2018-03-10T00:00:00Z">Sat 10 Mar</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2018-07-14T00:00:00Z">Sat 14 Jul 2018</span> <span>(4 months)</span>Torbay Tech Jam / Sat 10 Mar to Sat 14 Jul 2018 (4 months)

The Torbay Tech jam is a monthly meetup on the second Saturday of the month for anyone interested in Technology, programming, hardware. We hope we can complement the new Computer science curriculum. More importantly ...