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FUNK 2010: Recruiting

FUNK (The Film Us Now Krew):


To evaluate (look at)
Get involved (is the whole point)
Make things better
Advocating (walking a mile in some one elses shoes)
Creative Play Journeys - The young voice
Play - Have fun
and help grown ups learn!

Age range: 8-18

FUNK will be supporting the development of two projects this year:

FUNK (CPJ): Responsible for consultation of participants and evaluation of CPJ 2010

FUNK Adventures: FUNK will be developing their own epic adventure this year - the journey will begin with a very artistic consultation and Playing it up on the 8th of february - see my events.

If you would like more information about how you can get involved with FUNK please contact Sarah-Jane, Creative Play Coordinator, E mail: or follow the link to have a look at FUNKS web page and/or to download advert for FUNK 2010.

For more information visit

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