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Collections Spotlight: Pietro Calvi, Othello

Collections Spotlight: Pietro Calvi, Othello

Pietro Calvi was an eminent sculptor whose work reflected a fascination with the Orient. Othello was amongst his early groundbraking models and was one of the first in which he combined bronze and marble. Othello was his international breakthrough.

It is said that Calvi based the present bust on the likeness of Ira Aldridge (c. 1805-67), who was the first African actor in Europe to play Othello, William Shakespeare's great Moorish tragic hero. The actor made his debut in London in the role of Othello in 1826 and he quickly established an esteemed reputation for himself abroad for his powerful performances. Aldridge died in the year that Calvi's first rendition of the bust was exhibited in Milan.

Follow the link to find out more, and visit Torre Abbey to see this work in the flesh.

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