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Collections Spotlight: William Blake on display

Collections Spotlight: William Blake on display

Torre Abbey’s new Spotlight project is sharing some of the highlights from our collections. This week look at significant engravings by William Blake - from one of only three proof sets to survive for 'The Book of Job'.

In this engraving, 'Behemoth & Leviathan' (1823-5), the Lord points down towards the two beasts. Behemoth dominates the land, as 'the chief of the Ways of God.' Leviathan, a Sea Monster, is 'King over all the Children of Pride.'

From early in his career, Blake collected the prints of Albrecht Dürer. The depiction of Behemoth here is believed to have been influenced by Dürer’s Rhinoceros.

Published in 1826, these Illustrations are considered to be Blake's greatest masterpieces in the medium of engraving, and also a rare commercial and critical success during his lifetime. Two of these engravings are on display in our 'How Artists Work' galleries. Would you like to see more? Let us know!

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