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Submissions for new exhibition at Torre Abbey..

Submissions for new exhibition at Torre Abbey..

Beyond Boundaries

Contemporary Art Exhibition

Saturday 2nd - Wednesday 13th July 2011

The Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, Torquay TQ2 5JE.

It is very difficult to know exactly what and where a boundary is, and even more so to go beyond it into the unknown. It can be vast and geographical; small and physical; painful and psychological or distinct and cultural. It can describe the parameters of a simple game, a complex problem or an obscured perspective. To fully engage in exploring the boundaries of one's self, may be as fraught with danger as the exploration of any exotic jungle or distant featureless landscape.

Artists have always sought to go beyond the boundaries of the everyday, in order to enrich and inform humanity. For instance the tendency of sensationalists or YBAs to push taboos and arouse controversy is perhaps the archetypal modern example of this. However there are subtle boundaries that exist that we do not see clearly or examine thoroughly. This exploration will be the basis of this exhibition.

All artistic disciplines are welcome!


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