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Torre Abbey Museum / Events / Fri 14 to Sun 30 Sep 2018 (2 weeks)

Torbay Art Collective/Open Studios @TorreAbbey

Torbay Art Collective/Open Studios @TorreAbbey

Devon Open Studios showcases the
talent and creative lives of artists living in
Devon. Whether meeting a solo artist in
their private studio or discovering pop up
artist collectives such as our display in the
Spanish Barn (14 – 30th September), art
lovers can gain exclusive access to the
inner workings of the Devon art community.

We hope you are enjoying your visit to Torre
Abbey – please do take a catalogue and
visit some of our many other Torbay venues.

Susan Cavaliere
Cherry Lions
Potters at Artizan
Ian McConaghy
Zac Lewis Paintings
Jacqueline Duncan
Mandy Ellis Voisey
Mary Macdermott
Becky Nutall

Cockington Court Craft Centre is only a
short journey from Torre Abbey and has
many artists studios open all year round.

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