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Ultimate Mobile Recordings is a fully equip mobile recording studio. with use of high quality digital hardware and software. including midas preamps and microphones for excellent audio recordings as well as use the use of Ocean recording studios. We work with a variety of artists both mobile and in the recording studio ranging from choirs, bands, orchestras, brass, bands, singing groups etc.

We offer extremely competitive prices for our high quality multitrack recordings. we have the capabilities of being able to recorded up to 32 channels simultaneously wherever you'd like, wether it be at a local gig, village hall, rehearsal space, or even your living room. " We bring the studio to you"

U.M.R also offers a small and large PA package for any live events you have. suitable for bands, choirs, orchestras, conferences. We now offer services for vinyl/ cassette tape conversion to Audio CD.

Recently we are able to offer CD packages. This package has been designed to give you the full experience of getting your recording music out there. This package includes a half or full day recording up to 8 hours, mixing and mastering of you tracks, a graphic designer to help you arrange or create your artwork for your CD, and finished mastered selection of jewel CD cases from 50 to 1000 individually wrapped finalised CD's. Where your group or organisation can make a healthy profit. Check out our CD PACKAGES page.

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Ultimate Mobile Recordings

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