U N N A W A Y is an artist led organisation based in Huddersfield, established in 2015 to develop criticality within artistic frameworks and facilitate engaging, ambitious and reflexive artistic dialogue through exhibitions, residencies and events.

U N N A W A Y’ s goal is to create a reflexive artistic community to support, develop and connect emerging artists and support the development of Huddersfield as a site of significant artistic production. Forming a platform for acute engagement with contemporary artistic practices

U N N A W A Y aims to develop experimental sites of production, engage in artistic collaborations and utilise unconventional sites to bridge the gap between the current grass roots initiatives and more established arts institutions. Named after the Unna Way Junction connecting Huddersfield to the rest of the country, U N N A W A Y aims to act in a similar fashion, connecting Huddersfield to a wider artistic conversation.
U N N A W A Y is directed by Charlotte Cullen & Kashika Ashley Cooper.
U N N A W A Y is a four month project.

U N N A W A Y is kindly supported by the University of Huddersfield & East Street Arts.

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Email: unnaway@gmail.com
Website: http://unnaway.tumblr.com/

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