Watford Recycling Arts Project

Watford Recycling Arts Project WRAP

We are a warehouse full of stuff collected from local retail, commerce and industry and recycled artists stashes. This is offered to members for an annual membership fee, at three rates: families, small groups and schools. To see pictures, look at our sites at watfordscrap.wix.com/wrap and on Facebook. We offer workshops and pieces made at these have featured at The Harlequin and Watford Palace Theatre as well as local schools all over the area. We can offer site-specific pieces themed to your requirements. Please email us on watfordscrap@btconnect.com. Opening hours are presently:

Tuesday 14.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00
Thursday 14.00 - 18.00
Saturday 10 .00 - 12.00

Please contact us in advance if you have materials you would like to donate. The warehouse is a living space that changes all the time (visit as often as you can, what we offer is different every day). We have to work out how best to use the space and what will move quickly, so cannot always take today what we might have accepted last week. Textiles and paper go rapidly so we do welcome these if you can offer them to us.


If you can offer any hours to keep the space running, please call us to say when you can be available. The shelves do not fill up by themselves ! The volunteers get to see what arrives first, and we never know what that will be.


We continue to receive a great selection of high quality donations, which allows us to recruit the essential new members to keep us going financially. Thank you to all the companies that think of us, sometimes at troubled times for themselves, but be assured that we do our best to share offerings to grateful customers,

View my website http://watfordscrap.wix.com/wrap

My Location

Unit 6 Ryefield Crescent
Northwood Hills

Telephone: 01923 517 540
Email: watfordscrap@btconnect.com
Website: http://watfordscrap.wix.com/wrap

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We are moving home to Unit 6 Ryefield Crescent in Northwood Hills, we don't know how long for exactly so please keep watching our websites, and we have a new one of those too, one of our volunteers has made a lovely site...

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