WE ARE ONE / News / Mon 09 May 2011

Join And Be Part Of An Inspirational Project...

Join And Be Part Of An Inspirational Project...

WE ARE ONE aims to unite artists from all countries and continents, regardless of race, skin colour, cultural beliefs, language or religion. This project celebrates the wonders of art, it has a very simple idea that when we share our creativity together we become one global soul.

Join WE ARE ONE on Facebook, then choose art of your creation that you are proud of (i.e. paintings, sculpture, photography or digital art) and upload them to display within the online gallery. You also have an incredible facility to connect with a global creative community of over 5,000 artists.

See just a small selection of this worldwide art here on Creative Torbay.com.

(Conceived by Torbay artist and sculptor Nicholas Bellamy)

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=o.70707252355

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