WendyChudley / Events / Sat 31 Mar to Fri 13 Apr 2012 (2 weeks)

Cherry Lyons, Jenni Pentecost and Wendy Chudley

Cherry Lyons, Jenni Pentecost and Wendy Chudley

Colour and texture has a lasting effect on everyone’s lives and is particularly relevant to us as artists. Nature offers us a rich tapestry of colours and textural glory in every season of the year and in each facet of the land, hedgerow, riverside or seascape. Embarking on a voyage of discovery with colour and textures, we capture the drama and essence of place in our paintings whether realistic or imaginary.

Wendy paints in layered colour and tones which are inspired by light and mood, enriching her atmospheric seascapes and landscapes in nature's colours. Sometimes painting in a monochromatic colour scheme to evoke a particular aura, much like nostalgic old black & white photographs. Thoroughly enjoying the challenge that watercolours, Artisan oils and pastels have to offer, her paintings also feature nature and wildlife.

Cherry is an experimental watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastel and mixed media artist. The dynamic but unpredictable nature of watercolour provides the spontaneity to capture fleeting atmospheric moments in time. Her paintings often include organic inclusions to capture colour-drenched textures inspired by nature's rich tapestry, including encounters with the sea, land and the wildlife from her world-wide travels.

Jenni is a highly creative artist, finding inspiration from nature and the coast and countryside where she lives. She thoroughly enjoys experimenting with new techniques and textures which give her paintings a unique quality. Working mainly in oils and pastels, her affinity with seasonal changes in colour, light and mood enhances her depictions of west-country life.

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