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YAK Music Studio Recording | Production | Orchestration | Composition

Composition, production, recording, orchestration, mixing & mastering.
Combined as you need.
In the studio, online & on location.

About: Welcome to YAK Music Studio, Joseph Buckler's composition, production, mixing and mastering studio. My approach is focussed and collaborative, and I'm serious about creating great music and sounds. I treat all projects with care and drive.

The studio is open to those who simply want to produce, refine sound and record music, or to those who need inspiring and emotive music composed for media.

I do more than this though…

With YAK Music Studio, I have and house the creative skills and technology to make music from scratch, and the skills and facilities needed to refine products ready for release, and so can offer a bespoke variety and complete set of services.

All of this in one place gives more flexibility for you to test and finalise ideas. It provides continuity for your project, and an authenticity in delivery that comes from working with a close team.

I have been working solely in music and sound since 2009, after a lengthy music, composition and sound training through University, College and School to postgraduate level. My musical training started very young, accumulating the skills needed for a truely multi-disciplinary musical offering, that doesn't compromise quality. I have special interests in spacial and emotional communication in sound. It is in 2016 that I add to my musical adventure with YAK Music Studio and I'm excited to welcome you to the studio and my process.

View my website http://www.yakmusicstudio.com/

My Location

YAK Music Studio

YAK Music Studio
Mill House
Tonedale Business Centre
TA21 0AW

Telephone: 01823 765 056
Email: yak@josephbuckler.co.uk
Website: http://www.yakmusicstudio.com/

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