Ziggy Performance Poet/Director

Hi! My name is Ziggy and I am a performance poet on the Devon circuit. I am also director of How Absurd Theatre Company which aims to present little known/seen Absurdist plays to both new and established audiences. Past productions have included the work of Ionesco, Ferlinghetti, Copi and Genet.

I have had two volumes of poetry published in the past 18 months: From The Nostrils Of Crocodiles [about the four years I lived and worked in Egypt] and Junk! [a volume of my most recent performance poems]; as well as two plays - Butterfly People [concerning the plight of the Amazonian Indians] and Scarlet [an Absurdist tragi-comedy]. All titles are available from Amazon.

I am currently proofing Crikey Mikey - a children's novel [for 10 year olds to adult!] and planning to direct Rhinoceros [Ionesco] for performance late August/early September, here in Torquay. I will no doubt be putting out a call for actors soon!

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United Kingdom

Pinewood Studio, BCH,
Lower Warberry Road,

Telephone: 07715 235 569
Email: ziggyfaem@hotmail.com

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