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My art and craft media is ceramics and I have created an individual style by blending traditional materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design. I enjoy working on sculptured and functional pieces using a variety of skills and techniques such as ; hand building, casting and throwing. I also do fine art pianting and flat sculpture. I love designing which I have work experience in fashion and design and have a city in guilds and would love offers to create new range for bigger companies in manufacturing industry.
I have developed my own style of pottery under the guidance and influence of renowned ceramist tutors at The University of Wales an in particular Peter Starkey whose skills where founded and developed under Bernard Leech and Alan Barrett Danes who encouraged me to explore and create innovative glazes. It is my intention to integrate these influences and produce bespoke quality pieces of pottery from start to finish, using local materials within the Devon area.
It would be my ambition that my invented glazes would not only be my personal creative signature but would be synonymous with and also reflect in design the beautiful environment of Devon. To start up my own Studio business I will use the knowledge and experience gained while in a residency at the Art House in Wakefield. During my time there I finished work for exhibition at Leeds museum
Most recently I completed a course with Outset on setting up a small business. I hope to progress in the future as a credible artist extending and promoting my work to art and craft fairs and for recognition at art exhibitions.

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