Making the most of your Profile

The first page you'll see when you enter your My Account area is My Creative Home, from which you can see the top rated content on the site, view your profile once published, view your reviews, and check to see if you've been sent any messages by other site members.

To begin creating a profile, click My Profile Settings where you can set a display name for your profile, customise its visual appearance and link to your Twitter account if you have one.

To add the content to your profile, click My Content, and you'll see a selection of different options depending on what type of content you want to add.  Make sure the My Profile tab is selected, fill out the information and click the Add My Profile button to go live!

You can edit your profile at any time by clicking My Account to get back to your creative home, click My Content, edit or add to your Profile and click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Some of the features you might want to take advantage of when adding your profile include the following:

Title - The title will appear next to your display name, so try not to make them the same.  The best approach is to use the display name as your business name, or your own name, and the title of your profile as a description of what you do, e.g Jo Bloggs/Designer or Arty/Visual Aritst.  See other profiles to see how others have done it.

Profile Picture - This picture will appear next to any content you post on the site, so it's a great place to put your logo if you have one, or a picture that represents you or your work.  We recommend that every profile should add a picture, as without one your profile will look a bit plain, and if your content is featured on the home page it's much more likely to get clicked on if there's an image associated with it.

Website Link - We want your profile to drive traffic to your own site, so make sure to include a link to your website if you have one!

Profile Categorisation - You can select up to three categorisations for your profile, which will help people find you in the directory.

Profile Location - Here you can include information about where you are based and your contact details. As the site is about making connections between local individuals, businesses and places, it's well worth filling this section in so that others who use the site know how to contact you.

Map View - If you enter a postcode iin the Profile Location section, then your profile will show up on the map view in the directory.

Add more content - once you've added your Profile information you can then start adding your events, news, opportunities, image and videos - all of which will be linked to your profile and listed in the various sub-directories on the site.  See the User Guide 'Adding Other Content' to find out more.