Useful information for spaces & venues

If you are a space or venue here is some additional information to help you get the best out of your profile.

Explain in your profile how your space or venue can be used by artists, musicians, performers.

To be listed under the heading Spaces & Venues you need to add another entry under My Content, My Space/Venue - give details about your venue and what you offer.

For example:
What is the capacity of your venue?
Is it seated or standing?
Is it for wall work (2D - paintings, photographs) or do you have capacity to host live performance?
If wall work only – do you have a hanging system or is it ok to fasten to venue walls?
Do you have a stage? Is it raised and what size?
Do you have PA system?
Do you have license restrictions i.e. opening hours, alcohol license?
What facilities do you have? Baby change rooms / buggy store? Accessible toilets?
Is the space indoor or outdoor?
What other information do you provide to support those who hire your venue for creative activity?
Is food and drink already served on site or does this need to be brought in?