Looking for Funding

Looking For Funding

We all need funding from somewhere to make our ideas happen.  Here are a few places to look to get you started and point you in the right direction to some of the funding that's out there for your project.

Arts Council
The Arts Council is the national development agency for the arts in England and supports a range of artistic activities. The organisation runs a range of funding programmes, such as Grants for the Arts, and lists other places to look for arts funding.

 Active Devon: Funding for Sport and Physical Activity. This webpage within the Active Devon website has downloadable PDF's of funding for individuals, landfill tax credits, general national funders, general national source of sports funding, local area based grant sources and sports specific funding.


Children in Need 

BBC Children in Need awards grants each year to organisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. The 'grants' pages of the website links to information about Main Grants, Small Grants, Emergency Essentials, A-Z guidance and FAQ's


Communities Can

This exciting new programme is focused on providing support to small, informal community groups in five Local Authority areas in England: Barking and Dagenham, Blackpool, Peterborough, Sunderland and Torbay. The focus will be on engagement with individuals and groups, with a turnover under £10,000, who currently find it difficult to access support and funding. We will help match groups to local, regional and national support providers who will be paid to meet their development needs. Support will be provided through vouchers which will pay for the providers support time.


Devon Community Foundation: 

The 'apply' pages of the Devon Community Foundation website includes funding criteria information on a range of funds available as well as guidance notes


Devon Funding News

The latest information on grants and loans to support enterprise and innovation in Devon. Includes sections on business start-up and growth, social enterprise, environmental initiatives, European funding, National Lottery funding.


Grants Machine Search through the UK’s most comprehensive source of information on grants, loans, awards and other funds available to help businesses go green. A free website to help you find the funding on offer to boost your business’s bottom line by improving its environmental performance.


Heritage Lottery Fund: Looking for Funding? Heritage Lottery Fund offer a range of different grant programmes with grants from £3000 to over £5m. The 'Looking for Funding' page details what the organisation funds, where they are working,the difference they want projects to make, information on grant programmes and on how decisions are made. There is also an option to sign up to a regular e-bulletin. http://www.hlf.org.uk/looking-funding#.VY2phs7BzFI

Sport England: Our different funds pages Sport England is committed to investing in clubs and projects across the country to create a great environment that encourages more people to play sport. Whether you need to make your make your clubhouse more accessible, want to improve the drainage of your pitch or need financial help to put on more coaching sessions, we have a funding stream that could help. http://www.sportengland.org/funding/our-different-funds/

 The Big Lottery Fund: Funding Pages This page within the Big Lottery website holds a 'funding finder' to help identify sources of lottery funding for your particular project.


VCSE Diagnostic: Support and grants for organisations seeking social investment



CrowdingIn Find a crowdfunding website that suits your fundraising needs. You can filter by the type of funding you can raise and the sectors platforms specialise in. A Nesta site. http://www.crowdingin.com

WEFUND is transforming arts funding by making patronage into a retail experience. Project creators post a short video about their project up on the site They come up with a series of perks to incentivise people to back their project.  They direct all the fans, friends and family to their WEFUND page and encourage them to buy one of the perks. Only if they hit they fund raising target does the project creator get the money. If you don't hit your target, you don't get the money. http://wefund.com/frequently-asked-questions/

Crowdfunder: Tips for your success Crowdfunder' is the UK’s largest crowdfunding network having launched thousands of projects and raised over £4m. The link provided here takes you to a section of the website that gives tips to a successful crowd funded campaign http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/your-story/your-story

Crowdfund with Plymouth University Crowdfunder and Plymouth University have partnered to introduce crowdfunding as an innovative entrepreneurial activity for students, staff, alumni, researchers and partners.

The Crowdfunder coaching team provide a series of workshops for potential projects and project owners. Workshops include: An introduction to crowdfunding, Planning a campaign, Creating a campaign and Marketing a campaign.

These workshops ensure project owners have the knowledge and insights required to run a successful campaign. http://plymouthuni.crowdfunder.co.uk/projects/wlprojects

Kickstarter is specifically for creative projects in the worlds of Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theatre. A short slide show from Crowd Fund network 'Kickstarter' showing examples of projects funded in 2014.


Crowdfunding Association The UK Crowdfunding Association was formed in 2012 by 14 crowdfunding businesses. It aims to promote crowdfunding as a valuable and viable way to raise funds, be the voice of all crowdfunding businesses and publich a code of practice that is adopted by UK crowdfunding businesses. http://www.ukcfa.org.uk

Sportfunder Crowdfunding Sporting Dreams http://sportfunder.com

Working the Crowd: A short guide to crowdfunding and how it can work for you This short practical guide aims to gives a quick overview of crowdfunding, the different versions of the model and how they work. Throughout the guide, you’ll also find top tips on how to increase your chances of running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


 Philanthropy New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) NPC is a charity think tank and consultancy who’s work spans the whole charity sector. http://www.thinknpc.org/

10 innovations in global philanthropy, Plum Lomax and Rachel Wharton (Oct 2014) Philanthropy has never been so important to address the complex social and environmental issues we face. In this report, we highlight ten exciting innovations from around the world which are helping to grow philanthropy both in scale and by ensuring resources are used most effectively.


Download the full paper first prepared for the Torbay Culture Board and shared at the Culture Forum - July 2015


includes sections on:

Planning a good application/Fundraising training

Partnership and Collaborative Working

Support Agencies/Organisations

Support Agencies/Organisations


Diversify Income

Donors and Donations