Creative Assembly

About The 'Creative Network'

The Creative Assembly Network

Creative Torbay is part of a growing wider network of online creative hubs, which started with us here in Torbay. The network goes under the name 'Creative Assembly'.

Creative Assembly is an online tool to connect creative, cultural and arts businesses and individuals with each other and their customers. The online hub allows users to network, share knowledge, showcase their work & products, and reach customers and consumers.  Creative Assembly is made up of a collection of websites that connect users not only to users of the website to which they have registered but all other creative network websites providing constantly growing exposure to audiences across the UK. Creative websites currently operating are:

For more information on the network, visit

Joining the Network

All five sites have been developed by Assembly Studios. The networks are linked, so users who register with one site have access to all networks. The Creative Assembly network has been built in such a way that new networks can join the Creative Network simply and easily, and have their own version of the site for their geographical area, for a fraction of what it would cost to build a network from scratch.

If you would like to enquire about setting up a creative network for your area as part of Creative Assembly, please get in contact with Assembly Studios, via their website at