Ben Langworthy the quiet shout is to pull at the loose threads

I am drawn to actions that are ridiculous and seemingly futile, actions that can tip the everyday off balance by using apparent and playful strategies, or simple and near invisible interventions. I often use protagonists such as the fool, the interloper, the escapist, or the explorer because such characters are peripheral, and thus able to look at the nonsense of the familiar from a distance. The start point comes from specific everyday interests and experiences: walks, adventures, old B movies or children’s games.

By setting up site/situation specific live or collaborative scenarios, and interventions I suggest to participants/ viewers to explore the possibility of the every day. The work exists to facilitate potential narrative; acting as ambassadors for a ‘myth’ that is always be somewhere out of reach and potentially able take on a life of its own, a suggestion of what might be

My work is about reveling in the odyssey of everyday experience, playing with how we communicate and interact within it and how we see it.

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