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The Bohemian Balcony

Based in the former Swindon Palladium Cinema, the Bohemian Balcony is an alternative and innovative arts venue for creativity, experimentation, training and performance. We have an inspiring unique space and creative platform for local artists, practitioners and students to freely express, develop their art, collaborate and bring their imaginations to life.

As a multi-art venue, we will always work hard to provide an inspiring, adaptable and practical space to cater for the artistic needs of individuals and groups from every creative discipline in our community.

The beauty of our space, even as we start our journey to transform it, is that it has a natural rawness, a personality which gives it pure atmosphere and a truly bohemian intimacy.

It is proud to be different, and it is a space which can be used in so many ways to make a difference to the creativity shared within it. It is used to train, to practice, to experiment, to showcase and perform; so whatever your purpose, check out our developing spaces and contribute to making The Bohemian Balcony season a truly special place to be!

As the name suggests, our workshop/performance space being developed is high above the Palladium in the original cinema balcony. This is a unique and quirky open plan space packed with bohemian character. It provides a theatrical atmosphere and an intimate shared environment.
The Balcony has multi-purposes across artistic disciplines; a place to inspire development and performance.

We are also working on our Sound & Vision Studio, which is located just next to the Balcony high above the Palladium in a quiet enclosed area. This creative studio functions as both a smaller rehearsal/readthrough space, a music practice room, and an editing suite.

Any creative hub needs an artistic space to chill, chat and drink coffee. Our snug Danuki Den serves as a place where people can come together, meet other artists and chat about their work over a cuppa. It has couches to relax and also provides a quiet place to work, write a new script or plan your next project. The Danuki Den will also give you access to a small library of performing arts literature and the shared new scripts by our emerging local scriptwriters.

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The Bohemian Balcony

The Palladium
Jennings Street

Telephone: 01793 264 050

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