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Brand Crafted is a new book and photography project celebrating the creativity and culture of UK craft beer. The book was a real DIY affair and passion project, written, designed and self-published in Yorkshire 2018.

The book blends original interviews, ideas, and commentary on the independent UK craft beer scene with striking photography showcasing the innovative design, packaging, and branding that makes the sector such a visually vibrant and exciting growth industry.

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Brand Crafted - craft beer book event at Read Holmfirth / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2019-08-03T00:00:00Z">Sat 03 Aug 2019</span>Brand Crafted - craft beer book event at Read Holmfirth / Sat 03 Aug 2019

The publisher of Brand Crafted, David Colley, will be presenting a talk about the book and publishing project which explores the culture, community, and creativity of the UK craft beer industry. The book takes a strong ...