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Spaces, Places curated by NOHAT

Spaces, Places curated by NOHAT

Spaces, Places is an exhibition about space and place and how we relate to it. This large group show curated by NOHAT brings together work by 40 female-identifying artists from Letchworth to London, Taiwan to Poland, Italy to India. Their work explores a wide range of questions and perspectives, including how we relate to our environments, to cities, to nature, to our own bodies. What is our place in history/herstory? Asking who has power over place. The public, the private; the external, the internal. Exploring how and where we feel at home, and what is a safe space. Works that want us to reflect on how space is gendered and ideas surrounding “a woman’s place”. As well as works rallying us to make space for revolution and change.

NOHAT was founded in 2016 by curators Sophie Atkins and Ana Ortega, born out of a frustration that the work of female artists often remains unseen and unrecognised, and out of a deep desire to bring about change. We are not going to wait to be invited in, we will take space and make space for female-identifying artists. Since 2016, we have put on several large group exhibitions, a performance art festival, a video screening event, artist talks, DJ nights, worked in collaboration with the Panacea Museum and artist Andy Holden, and shown work of over 100 artists from all over the globe. We pride ourselves on giving opportunities to artists who might not have had the chance to exhibit work before, while also showing more established names.

Exhibiting Artists
Ruth Batham, Hannah Birkett, Carolyn Blake, Johanna Bolton, Ananya Bose, Cleo Broda, Mills Brown, Henny Burnett, Lucy Cade, Ciara Callaghan, Nikki Carroll, Anna Fairchild, Raha Farazmand, Rachel Gillies, Gaia Giongo, Florina Grigore, Marian Hall, Mary Hearne, Rachael House, Mandy Hudson, Helen Jones, LoquatLaila, Elizabeth Murton, Natasha Nedelkova, Monica Nickolai, Marcy Petit, Deirdre Porter-Hanson, Janet Pullen, Laura Ribbons, Jacqui Saunders-Love, Aleksandra Skowrońska, Snail, Sophie Atkins. Jo Trotter, Reggie Voigtländer, Shelly Ward-Lindsay, Twee Whistler, Carla Wright, Lucy Wright, Joy Chia-Yu Yeh

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Broadway Gallery

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