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Candida Cea Blyth Artist Earth Artist

Cea Blyth is an artist based in the Ashburn valley on the south side of Dartmoor. Cea is well known for her paintings made using earth pigments. Most recently she has been making small sculptures from cob-a mixture of sub soil, straw and water.

For many years she has been passionately inspired by the rich qualities of natural earth pigments, which can be easily gathered from the land. The breadth, subtlety and strength of their colours is astounding; for example bright orange dust gathered from the Australian outback, black peat exposed by the hooves of Dartmoor ponies and yellow clay from a river bank exposed by flood water. A wealth of textures are to be found ranging from fine sand, soft chalk, creamy clay to a myriad of other gritty and sparkling substances. there is a natural affinity between the whole spectrum of earth colours which resonate with each other in their own harmony. The stories of how and where these ‘earth paints’ are sourced adds a fascinating narrative aspect to each of the works.

Cea's work can be viewed at Postbridge information Centre and Bellever Youth Hostel Dartmoor as well as in private collections around the world. She has recently exhibited at CCANW Haldon Forest, Exeter in 'Art, Ecology & the Economy and at Harbour House Exmouth.

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