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Chris Danson / News / Fri 19 Feb 2021

Dead in 10 available from Waterstones

Dead in 10 available from Waterstones

I'm pleased to announce that my novel Dead in 10 is now available in paperback from Waterstones.

Some recent reviews from the book's Amazon listing:

'Enjoyed reading this. Satisfying plot with plenty of twists and turns and not your average crime thriller. Trent's quite a refreshing cop character: not a James Bond or Jason Bourne but not a McNulty on a bad day either.'

'I loved the setting around East London - my home town - landmarks were flashing up in my head as I was reading!'

'Those of you who love Jessica Daniels, Kim Stone, Helen Grace, Luc Callanach and Erica Foster - add this to your reading list, you won't be disappointed. Jay Trent has joined the race!!'

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