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Brother & Sister tackle Grandad... 'A Secret Victorian Muslim'

Brother & Sister tackle Grandad... 'A Secret Victorian Muslim'

Difficult enough today - if a member of your family wants to convert to another religion, isn't it?

Imagine what it would have been like in Victorian times. If you were northern, working class, conservative and 69 years old.

And yet, this is what Robert Stanley did - although following his death, his family kept these facts secret for a century.

But by a strange twist of fate, his own great x 3 grandson, Steven, also converted to Islam in 1990. Knowing nothing of his ancestor's incredible life.

Come and meet siblings, Steven and Christina Longden and listen to them talk about their 'rediscovery' of the life of their wonderful ancestor.

And perhaps get inspired to do some digging into your own family history, too!

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