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Outdoor Events and Performing Arts - Government Update

Outdoor Events and Performing Arts - Government Update

The Government has announced that outdoor performances to an outdoor audience, will be able to resume in England on Saturday 11 July. According to Events Industry Forum guidance, approved by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Public Health England (PHE) and HSE, the range of outdoor events now permitted includes: air shows, circuses, pet and animal shows, some music concerts, outdoor theatres, carnivals and firework displays. This guidance aims to help employers in the outdoor event industry, and their customers and attendees, to understand how to work safely during the pandemic to ensure a careful balance is struck between reopening and protecting visitors. Additional guidance has also been published by DCMS to help performing arts organisations, venue operators and participants in the UK understand how they can work and take part in the performing arts safely.

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